Who don't know where India is? → Who doesn't know where India is?

In the example above, using doesn't (does not) is correct.

Who is a singular subject, so it should be followed by does not.

Whereas plural subjects should be followed by do not.

Do vs. Does rule:

A do/does B.

  • If A is singular, then use does.
  • If A is plural, then use do.

Exceptions: If the subject is I or you, then use do.

Here is a list of singular subjects that should be followed by does or does not:

he, she, who, it, this, that, any other singular subject

Here is the list of plural subjects that should be followed by do or do not: we, they, these, those, any other plural subject

Exceptions: I and you are also followed by do or do not

Here are some examples you can refer to:

  • She does not want to do the dishes right now.
  • Who doesn't want to get free tickets to the show?
  • These statements do not reflect the opinions of the MC.
  • We don't have to take a plane there.
  • The pharmacist told us that the medicine does not kick in right away.
  • Who does the cleaning in this household?
  • They do not check your ID when you enter the building.
  • You don't need a parking validation because the parking is free here.

Ready to see if you can choose the correct verb in these practice sentences:

  1. Melinda do/does wash her car herself.
  2. The construction workers do/does warm-ups and stretches before starting work.
  3. You do/does not have to include your address when you register for the site.
  4. The villagers in the area do/does worry about the nuclear plant just 10 miles away.
  5. Who do/does not want their identity to be revealed in the documentary?
  6. During long rides, the pilots do/does exercises to help keep them awake.
  7. The teacher told us that our report cards do/does need to be signed by our parents.
  8. This week, Vince do/does not need to do a presentation in front of the CEO.
  9. That do/does have a distinct smell to it.
  10. We do/does not have enough food to last us a week.

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Answer to the practice questions:

  1. does
  2. do
  3. do
  4. do
  5. does
  6. do
  7. do
  8. does
  9. does
  10. do


Using Do vs. Does Properly in Questions and Sentences
Check out “do” and “does” sentence examples to help you get a handle on when to use these “to do” verbs.