If you guessed “not a good person,” then you are correct.

We can first simplify it by taking out the adjective good and then add a subject and verb to the phrase:

  • Incorrect: He is not person.
  • Correct: He is not a person.

The word person needs an article before it because it is a singular and countable noun even if there is an adjective like good in front of it:

  • Incorrect: He is not smart person.
  • Correct: He is not a smart person.
  • Incorrect: He is not good athlete.
  • Correct: He is not a good athlete.
  • Incorrect: He is great pianist.
  • Correct: He is a great pianist.

However, if you were just using good on its own without a noun following it, you would not need an article:

  • Incorrect: He is not a good.
  • Correct: He is not good.
  • Incorrect: He is a fast.
  • Correct: He is fast.

Here is a quick rule of thumb:

  • Incorrect: (Subject) is (singular noun).
  • Correct: (Subject) is a (singular noun).
  • Incorrect: (Subject) is a (adjective).
  • Correct: (Subject) is (adjective).

This rule of thumb applies even when there is an adjective or even multiple adjectives in front of the singular noun.

Below are some other examples you can refer to:

  • Incorrect: She is tall woman.
  • Correct: She is a tall woman.
  • Incorrect: She is a tall.
  • Correct: She is a tall woman.

  • Incorrect: Bob is wise man.
  • Correct: Bob is a wise man.
  • Incorrect: Bob is a wise.
  • Correct: Bob is wise.

  • Incorrect: Janice is rebellious student.
  • Correct: Janice is a rebellious student.
  • Incorrect: Janice is a rebellious.
  • Correct: Janice is rebellious.

So quick quiz: Which of the following is correct:

  • A: Paul is a renown screenwriter.
  • B: Paul is renown screenwriter.

If you answered A, then you’re absolutely right.

Screenwriter is a singular noun that requires an article before it even if it is preceded by the adjective renown.

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